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Our "Corps" Values

American Cheer Elite has established and stands behind the following 5 values to promote the mental and physical development of youth.

1. Emphasize the cruciality of creating an encouraging environment for athletes.
2. Enrich the spiritual, mental, and physical development of youth.
3. Educate and properly train athletes in the mechanics of cheerleading.
4. Explore levels with creativity and innovation.
5. Exceed limitations.

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All Star Teams

Wanting to reach the next level in cheerleading?  Our All-Star cheer teams are for athletes ready for the next level of training. This program allows athletes to travel and perform on national stages.

Prep Teams

A great introduction to competitive cheerleading! Our Prep Teams are a great fit for multiple sport athletes, beginners, or anyone looking for a fun activity!


Our classes cover all the basics- from tumbling classes to introductory cheer classes and flyer flexibility, we have a place for everyone!


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