We are happy to offer a variety of classes at American Cheer Elite. Classes are run by our qualified, experienced staff and are open to the public as well as current members. We offer classes that cater from absolute beginners to elite-level athletes.

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Tumbling Classes

Beginner Tumbling
Great for beginner athletes! Athletes will use drills and stations to develop fundamental strength and knowledge needed for tumbling
Prerequisite: None
Price: $94/month

Level 2/3 Tumbling
For athletes looking to work back handsprings and/or back tucks. Athletes use drills and stations to develop the skills needed to perfect their handspring and begin working their back tucks as well as combo passes.
Prerequisite: Back Walkover
Price: $94/month

Level 4/5 Tumbling
Athletes will begin working layouts and/or twisting skills. In addition, athletes will work to incorporate standing skills to layouts, punch fronts, aerials, and whips into passes. 
Prerequisite: Back Tuck
Price: $94/month

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Additional Classes

Cheer Recruit
This class is a jam-packed hour designed to teach the basics of cheerleading including stunting, jumping, and tumbling. A perfect fit for anyone looking for a taste of the sport of cheerleading. 
Price: $94/month

Flight School
Incorporate dynamic, static and passive partner stretching to improve the flexibility of athletes. Athletes will work on and perfect the ability to pull and hold body positions. Required for all-star flyers.
Price: $60/month

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